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August 9-10, 2022

Seattle Pacific University

This two-day professional development opportunity is for admission professionals with approximately 0-2.5 years experience. It will include an introduction to Admissions and Enrollment Management, sessions on relevant topics for newer admission professionals, and networking opportunities.


Submit a proposal 


Registration for the Summer Institute has filled.  If you would like to be on a wait list should space become available, please contact Ann Nault, Executive Assistant.  Registration fee includes one night accommodation at Seattle Pacific University, all meals and airport pick up, if necessary.

Registration Date Registration Fee
July 1, 2022 $250.00
July 2 - 31, 2022 $300.00



August 9th : Late morning registration and check-in at 11:30am-1pm.  Participants may be able to arrive earlier that morning to check-in (time TBD)

Sessions will begin around 1:00 and end around 7:00pm (dinner included).

August 10th:  Breakfast starting at 7am.  The program will last until around 3:30pm/4:00pm


Share your expertise, experience, and stories by submitting a proposal for PNACAC’s Summer Institute.

This professional development program for new (0-2.5 years) college admission counselors will be led by seasoned admission professionals and will cover topics from tips and tricks for recruitment travel, intro to enrollment management, and more.

Sessions will be offered in-person. The deadline for submissions is June 17th.

Selected presenters will be provided with:

  • $50 Gift Card
  • Meals
  • Networking with “new professionals”
  • Professional growth within PNACAC

Sample themes for possible session proposals include:

  • Travel - tips/tricks
  • What is territory management
  • What is Admission
  • Who are we recruiting?
  • Admission Ethics and Best Practices
  • Access and Diversity in higher education
  • Understanding Higher Education and the role of Enrollment Management
  • Developing best practices in working with high school/college counselors
  • Being a regional admission officer vs campus-based

Who should submit a session proposal?

  • PNACAC Member 
    • Entry-level (3 to 5 years of experience i.e. - admission counselor- senior admission counselor)
    • Middle management (4+ years of experience with program/staff management experience i.e. - assistant director - senior associate director)
    • Chief admission/enrollment officer (i.e. - director, dean, VP)
  • Experience with any of the following, but not limited to: 
    • Regional recruitment
    • On-campus
    • Private/Public
    • Community College
    • Transfer admission
    • International admission
    • College Program CBOs
    • Rural recruitment
    • Diversity, Equity, and Access in college admissions
    • Tribal recruitment
    • Data and Analytics 
    • Project Management (visits, events, programs, etc,)
    • Supervision (student staff, professional staff, etc.)

What's included in a strong proposal? 

  • Actionable takeaways  
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Diversity of viewpoints
  • Innovative ideas
  • Formats supportive of different learning styles
  • Approaches that create collaborative and engaging learning environments