PNACAC College Fair Eligibility

pnacac college fairPNACAC invites any Title IV eligible and regionally-accredited non-profit college, university, other post-secondary institution, or program offering curricular study leading to a degree or diploma to participate in the PNACAC College Fair Program. International non-profit universities that offer academic degrees or diplomas that are sanctioned by the country's Ministry of Higher Education or by US accrediting associations are also eligible to participate. Non-profit, CBO, state or federal grant supported programs with a primary mission of promoting college enrollment and who are approved in advance based on the assessment of the PNACAC College Fair Chair and the PNACAC Presidents may be granted limited participation on a case-by-case and space-available basis. All participating institutions must be members of PNACAC. PNACAC reserves the right to refuse or revoke the registration of any institution or organization.

If your institution does not meet the Eligibility Requirements and would like to appeal for a one-year waiver, contact the PNACAC College Fair Chair at [email protected]. Appeals should address the following:

  • Regional accreditation status
  • Transferability of credits to regionally accredited institutions
  • Confirmation that College Scorecard data is correct
  • Letters of support from local school counselors will also be considered.

Appeals are reviewed using the information provided by the institution along with College Scorecard data. The appeal committee consists of the Admissions Practice Committee Chair, College Fair Chair and the Presidents of PNACAC. Note: Approved institutions are subject to a $110 processing fee in addition to all college fair registration fees.

Questions about college fair eligibility can be directed to [email protected].