Jocelyn De Jong, University of Washington, Seattle WA

Beginning with autumn 2018 applicants, the University of Washington (Seattle) admission application deadline will move to November 15. The decision to move to an earlier deadline was made with fervent discussion and consideration of how it may affect applicants and you, our colleagues who advise them. Ultimately, moving up the deadline allows us to notify applicants of their admission decisions earlier, and we felt this was, overall, a better outcome for the student. Also beginning with autumn 2018, our notification period will shift to March 1-15. With the Coalition Application opening in July and the UW specific questions opening September 1, the application will, in effect, be open two weeks longer than in previous cycles.

We recognize that this will be a transition year and appreciate your help in spreading the word to prospective applicants.

Contact - Jocelyn De Jong, Senior Associate Director of Admissions for Recruitment & Communication, University of Washington, Seattle, WA